Sunday, 28 August 2011

There always has to be a first post.

Dalhousie University is unique in the geography, GIS and GIScience have grown without one single department or faculty taking ownership. In fact, if any one group has, it would be the Deans and VP Academic. Included in this is the University Librarian who, as a Dean, acted to have GIS and all things related placed within a neutral environment to serve the whole campus equally. And that is where the story begins. Well, to be honest, that is about the middle bit of the story.

One post, soon, will talk about the history of how GIScience developed at Dalhousie. And I am sure that will be a little contentious as the mere use of the term GIScience is fraught with problems. That too will be a posting.

This blog will be a place where I can speak to a multitude of groups, and seek input, over time and in one place. It is also a good way to keep some sort of record of what is happening. There are numerous forums and platforms that are being used to get the message out and help people with GISicnece - from our Centre and Map Collection web site, to the LibGuides, to external sources, and mail lists. That's ok. I think people like to get their news from many sources. I like to integrate all the sources into one place - my own personal mobile space that brings all data and news into one platform. And that is how I get to see this blog.

That being said. A blog is not as good as the editor. It is only as good as the comments and the contributions. That is an obvious call for input and feedback.

So enjoy.